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Precoat filtration

Having added World Minerals S.A. to our product range, we now offer products from the biggest producers and suppliers of diatomaceous earth and perlite-based filter aid agents.

Since 1932 – at that time under the name of John Mansville – Vulcascot has been supplying diatomaceous earth and perlite to the beverage industry.

Celite is recognized worldwide as a trade name for diatomaceous earth. Hyflo Super Cel, Standard Super Cel and Filtercel E, along with further products, stand for guaranteed ideal fermentation, while at the same time fully securing the mildest wine quality.

The increased application of rotary drum vacuum filters and filter presses in the last decade increased the significance of perlite. Harbolite is also offered in different grinding grades, to meet the high requirements of the cellarer.

Sheet filtration


Depth filter sheets consist of a tridemensional medium, thus improving particle retention capability and, at the same time, boosting flow rate speed.

Different sheet porosities enable a broad range of retention rates. Prefilters, best suited for coarse separation of solids, are available along with sheets with a retention rate that is able to retain even bacteria.

Filter cartridges

In addition to depth filter cartridges, which are defined by nominal retention rates, there are standard filter cartridges available as membrane cartridges with absolute retention rates. This last filtration stage prior to bottling guarantees germ-free filtration.

Private Label Lines

Fibracel and Fibraperl are two innovative filtration products produced by Vulcascot.

Fibracel consists of diatomaceous earth and alpha-cellulose and is applied for the onset of the precoat in diatomaceous earth filtration.

Fibraperl consists of perlite and selected cellulose fibers. This is a recently developed filter aid applied to build-up the filter cake in vacuum rotary drum filtration. By using carefully selected materials and applying unique production technology at our new mixing unit, the uniform composition of all products is guaranteed.


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