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  • Close to our customers

  • Regular plant visits

  • Immediate response to seasonal changes

  • 8000 m² store area

Trade company

  • Right in time delivery

  • Delivery flexibility

  • Premium quality

  • Strict quality control


  • Certifications and documents

  • Import processing

  • Local Country organizations

  • Warehouses in Austria and in Eastern Europe


  • Long-term cooperation with renowned partners since 1950

  • Expert technical support

  • Local contracts

  • After- sales Service

  • Invoicing in local currency

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Our industry


Edible Oil

Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals

Private Label Lines


... your reliable partner in filtration, purification and stabilisation

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Our products

Diatomaceous earth & Perlite

Bleaching earth

Activated carbon

Wine treatment

Filter sheets

Private Label Lines


About us

Since 1911, Vulcascot HandelsgmbH. & Co.KG has been a trusted partner in the field of beverage technology, especially in all matters related to the production of beer. We are the proper partner to assist you throughout the entire process, from sourcing raw material to bottling. Skilled specialists (engineers, food technologists and master brewers) are happy to share their expertise in order to meet your specific demands and requirements, quickly and efficiently. We can guide you confidently through all phases, from submission of the offer to provision of after-sales services. In this way, we guarantee you lean, smooth processes, products of the highest quality, and assistance in transferring to state-of-the-art process technology, by offering you a customized system, that can be adapted at any time.

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