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Must and Wine treatment

Enzyme treatment with Oenobrands® enzymes

Oenobrands® enzymes are available as liquids and granules and are all free of depsidase. In addition to proven pectinases, the company offers special enzymes for enhanced aromatic yield, as well as enzymes for improved filtration yield.

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Proper must vinification means laying the cornerstone to achieve the best possible wine quality from the vintage. Anything the winemaker fails to do in the must stage can negatively affect the quality of wine later. Avoidance of bitter aroma is as possible to achieve as full fermentation. The right choice of yeast substantially influences wine quality.

Max F. Keller produces a wide range of enzymes, yeasts, yeast nutrients and tanning correction agents and protein treatments.

Your personal prosperity depends on the quality of our products. We are aware of this task and we spare no effort to contribute to your success.

Tanning process of must

A series of liquid or pulverized supplements, optionally including casein, supports timely onset of the tanning composition in must.




A variety of bentonites from Max F. Keller reduces the subsequent protein demand in wine at an early stage. Iron-free quality represents another high benchmark for bentonites of Keller.

ALBUMEX® Perl extra



MOSTONIT® Perl extra

Oenobrands® F3 yeast and yeast nutrients


Products for distillation during fermentation in white, rosé or red wine, in sparkling wine or fruit mash is now available. Max F. Keller yeast supplements guarantee a pure and smooth fermentation.

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Biological degradation of acid with bacterias

The biological degradation of acid with Max F. Keller starter cultures in red wine enhances microbiological stability, decreases the total acid concentration and accounts for improvement of the sensory harmony of wine. Apart from the almost self-evident BSA in red wine, the significance of BSA in white wine also increases continuously.

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