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Over the past years, apart from operating in the beverage industry, Vulcascot has been continuously gaining ground in the field of processing oil and fat. We have benefited from our long-time experience in filtration technology and are now proud of co-operating with leading international suppliers, thus adhering to quality standards and maintaining customer satisfaction in the future.

Currently, the following services and products are offered in this field:

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Bleaching earth

The basic function of bleaching earth is absorption of chlorophyll, carotene, phospholipids, metal residues and other contaminants in vegetable and animal oils and fats.

The label TONSIL represents an entire product line for all oil types. The label TONSIL comprises: e.g. Tonsil Optimum 210 FF, Tonsil Supreme 112 FF, Tonsil Standard 316FF.

Supplier: It is produced by Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, Moosburg (, one of the most reputable international manufacturers in this sector.

Indispensable values, such as quality, experience, and customer satisfaction result from an overall successful co-operation between Vulcascot and Clariant.

Filter aids

a/ Kieselgur and Perlite - coarse types of Imerys SA (Celite, Harborlite), a company ranking as one of the most exclusive companies in the world; a long-standing co-operation since 1965 between Vulcascot and Imerys SA guarantees you quality, experience and customer satisfaction.

Celite 545 and Harborlite H 900 are the top-selling products for filtration upon winterization measures.

b/ Zellulose: Thanks to our long-standing experience and expertise in filtration technology, in recent years we have been developing a private label program, e.g. Vulcacel G 25 or Vulcacel G 50. These products provide a competitive edge in application, thus ensuring waste-free production. Spent filter cake can be used as animal feed.

Silica gel

Vulcascot´s private label lines Vulcascot Silica and Vulcascot Silica XL can be applied in special refining processes to remove phospholipids, metals and soaps.
In addition to the above, Vulcascot can remedy problems with the help of plant equipment and technology (or through technology development). We co-operate with many producers of technical components and spare parts e.g. Oteza Martin (, Tatrafilter Poprad ( We are therefore able to include in our product range entire production lines or part systems for processes such as: pressing, refining, degumming, filtration, storage and many more.

Edible oil

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Activated Carbon

NORIT SA4 PAH – these special activated carbons may be used for the removal of polyaromatic hydrocarbons and for bleaching edible oils. Sometimes a combination of activated carbon and bleaching earth is applied.

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