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Igor Stoffa

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The core compounds of our „Vulcazymes“ are pectinases, composed by our skilled enologists working in collaboration with a leading company with an international reputation in enzyme technology. We are developing further enzyme properties, such as enhanced dye-yield or strengthened aromatic compounds, as well as enzymes designed for mash and must containing excess mucilage.


  • Vulcazym Mazeration Bianco / Rosso

  • Vulcazym Blanc

  • Vulcazym Rouge

  • Vulcazym Arome

  • Vulcazym GlucanEx

All enzymes are depsidase-free, available both as liquid and as granulate.

Tanning handling in must

The sooner the required tannin correction is performed, the milder the final touch and wine quality. For application in must, several liquid or powder supplements are available, according to required needs and wishes. Liquid must gelatin is one of the most popular products, it is simple and fast to apply and it will significantly reduce tannin correction measures later in finished new wine.


  • Vulcagel PRE (Mostgelatine, kaseinhaltig, flüssig)

  • Vulcagel PPG (PVPP, Gelatine, pulverförmig)

  • Vulcagel PPGC (PVPP, Gelatine, Zellulose, pulverförmig)

  • Vulcacol F / G / Kombi: Aktivkohlen zur Adsorption störender Geschmacks- und Geruchsstoffe sowie gegen Hochfärbigkeit


In order to reduce protein contents in must to a minimum at an early stage, several bentonites are available from our range, e.g. pure calcium bentonite, granulated or in powder form – low in iron - or sodium bentonite with the highest efficiency and also mixed bentonites from Central European sources.


  • Vulcobent Protex P (mixed bentonite, powder)

  • Vulcobent Aktiv G (mixed bentonite, granulate)

  • Vulcobent Top Na (high purity sodium bentonite, powder)

  • Vulcobent Top G (high purity sodium bentonite, granulate)

  • Vulcobent PRE (new! pure calcium bentonite)

Yeasts and yeast nutrients

With advancing climate change, the nutrient supply in must has undergone a change, as have the general conditions (soil, environmental pollution, increased use of spray chemicals) for yeasts during fermentation.

As a result of varying conditions, we can offer you both standardized yeast nutrients and special mixtures, composed in joint collaboration with the customer, that meet the desired requirements. We have an extensive yeast portfolio within our Vulcaferm product line, applicable for white wine, rosé, red wine, and for making sparkling wine.


  • Vulcaferm Nutri DAP (diammonium phosphate)

  • Different mixtures of DAP, thiamin, yeast cell walls, manno proteins, sterols

  • Vulcaferm Blanc, Vulcaferm Rouge, Vulcaferm Arome (yeasts)

  • Vulcaferm-„exclusive line“ to highlight the typical nature of vines (e.g. Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, and many others)

Biological de-acidification, BSA

The biological degradation of acid with Biostart starter cultures in red wine enhances microbiological stability, decreases the total acid concentration and accounts for improvements to the sensory harmony of wine. Apart from the almost self-evident BSA in red wine, the significance of BSA in white wine also continuously increases.

We will be pleased to inform you about our starter culture offer for white and red wines.

New Wine treatment

Clarification and sensory harmonization of new wine are among the most crucial cellar technologies. They have a decisive influence on the development and shelf life of wines.

Clarification of wine with silica sol / gelatin

The combined use of silica sol and gelatin is most probably one of the most well-known methods applied in the wine-cellar. An efficient clarification and the associated and quickly obtained possibility for finishing the new wine yield clear advantages and reduce risk of oxidation.


  • Vulcagel L (liquid gelatin)

  • Vulcagel P (solid gelatin)

  • Vulcagel Fish (fish gelatin, powder)

  • Vulcasol 30 (alkaline silica sol)

Acid correction and crystal stabilization

Acidification and de-acidification, tartar stabilization by metatartaric acid or CMC - each vintage demands individual approach and care. A multitude of special products offer optimal treatment solutions, depending on different needs.


  • potassium hydrogen carbonate (fine de-acidification)

  • calcium carbonate, (de-acidification, double-salt de-acidification)

  • Vulcavin Extra (metatartaric acid)

  • Vulcogum C

  • Vulcogum P

  • Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) 

Flavor harmonization

For the final finish prior to bottling, numerous pure products exist, as well as mixtures of miscellaneous single substances.

Mixtures, consisting of PVPP, gelatin, casein, silica-gels, bentonites, cellulose as carrier material, chicken protein, Vitamin C, citric acid, mannoproteins, tannins etc., provide for a targeted, yet smooth “final” touch of the wine structure.


  • Vulcofin V (PVPP)

  • Vulcagel L, P (gelatin)

  • Miscellaneous Vulcotannins

  • Vulcasulph, Vulcasulph L Forte (potassium metabisulphite), potassium sorbate

  • Vulcacol F, G (activated carbon)

  • Vulcogum C / P (gum arabic)

  • Vulcascot Spezial Kombi (bentonite / PVPP / casein / silica gel)

  • Primopur (gelatins, silicates)

  • Primopur Forte (gelatins, silicates, PVPP)

  • Primopur Spezial (milk-casein mixture, directly applicable)

  • Vinicola Superb (silicates, bentonite)

  • Special mixtures on demand from our „top-grade“ portfolio

  • Copper sulfate / silver chloride for off-flavor prevention and/or treatment

Find out about our offer – we provide you with individual support and a customized composition.


Testing, Analysis, Treatment recommendations


In addition to the above, we are at your personal disposal for any questions concerning optimization of your wines, but also to support you with chemical and sensory analysis!

Mash and Must treatment

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