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Filtration and Filter media


Diatomaceous earth, Perlite and Cellulose

This product line comprises diatomaceous earth, perlite and cellulose, sourced from European and American mines. The American products are particularly popular due to their low BSI iron level (soluble in beer). Different particle sizes are available, depending on the filtration requirements, from coarse to fine grades. We have expanded our product range to include „CYNERGY“ Celite, a silica based adsorbent stabilizer with improved filtration properties ( It allows for substantial process simplification, sincee filtration and stablization take place in one step, resulting in significant savings in terms of consumption per hectoliter (up to 30 percent).


Vulcofin X is a highly effective single use beer stabiliser and is normally applied during beer filtration with diatomaceous earth.

Silica gels

Vulcostabil X CLEAR is a silica gel with water content volume under 10 % belonging to the group of xerogels.
Vulcostabil X CLEAR is a stabilisation agent of optimum effi ciency, a highly effective silica gel beer stabiliser. Due
to its high pore volume Vulcostabil X CLEAR is the leading solution to combat haze causing proteins which in turn
improves the chemical and physical stability of beer giving a long lasting colloidal stability without affecting the taste.

Before dosing, the PVPP should be left to swell in water for approximately one hour. Vulcofin X
is completely separated by the

filtration process and absolutely no residue will remain in the beer

Vulcofin XR is a highly active regenerative PVPP, which can be applied alone or in combination with other stabilizers. Both products are used for the effective prevention of non-biological turbidities in beer.

Filter sheets

Deep filter sheets consist of a tri-dimensional medium, which enhances the particle capture rate and allows high throughput velocity. High efficiency is achieved during long production runs (until the filter becomes clogged).

  • Pore sizes range up to grain size, while retaining bacteria

  • Trub filtering capacity 4 kg/m²

We offer a special supporting layer, consisting of a unique mixture of selected cellulose fibres, for pre-coat filtration. A wet-strengthening agent can guarantee an extended service life and the fulfilment of substantial system-demands. It withstands exposure to intense mechanical strain, such as when pressure is applied to each of the filter elements when sealing the filter. These characteristics make the backing layer especially suitable for high extraction rates of solids (ca. 0,8-1 percent of trub) from a turbid liquid.

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